October 4, 2023



Zedwell Tottenham Court Road is a first for London, not a hotel in the modern sense of the word.


There is no bar or restaurant, no event space, no courtyard or gardens, and no natural daylight.



This is a hotel stripped back to the very basics, a place to rest your head.


Zedwell is housed within what was once an underground carpark on several subterranean levels, which now make up a warren of corridors and bedrooms.


The entire space has been designed in consultation with leading psychologists and sleep experts, by renowned architects Nevi and Hu.


The concept has been created for the sole purpose of promoting sleep, health and well-being,  guests take the elevator below ground to their “cocoons” – a clutter, gadget and window free experience that removes all distractions from the outside world.


Fresh, purified air flows through the space and noise-reducing walls, floors and doors create the “sanctuary”.



Taking inspiration from geological chalky facades and glistening mineral surfaces, the public areas feature white stalactite-like rock formations carefully blended with a palette of ash grey.



The luminescent walls of the corridors continue into the cocoons, that benefit from red tones and calming hues of ivory, creams and oaks.


Materials used are either natural or recycled and the cocoons are free of TV’s because “even when turned off, they emit a buzzing energy that disturbs sleep”.


The cocoons boast Hypnos beds topped with luxury cotton sheets, ambient circadian rhythm-based lighting and modern rain showers to aid deep rest and restoration.

The cocoon interiors enable guests to “focus inward and find harmony at their core, to explore their values and inhibitions that are rooted deep within – something  synonymous with the physical motion of going deep under the ground, immersed in the foundation of nature.”



From the calming scent of lavender, rosemary and bergamot and the specially curated playlist to the air-purifying filters, comfortable beds, and carefully considered lighting and temperature, Zedwell provides an oasis of calm and ultimate rest and relaxation below the busy streets of London.


This is the second Zedwell experience in London, the first opened just off Piccadilly.


This one is a stone’s throw from the newly re-opened Tottenham Court Road tube station so both hotels are in high traffic, busy and loud locations.


The concept of providing a unique and calming sanctuary to entirely block out the excitement and noise of the city is novel, although one would have thought that those who plan to stay in highly stimulating areas are not necessarily looking for relaxation and tranquillity.