September 1, 2022

The Ivy Asia


As we near the beginning of the design awards season, it seems only fair that we should feature images of The Ivy Asia.

These, taken by photographer Gavriil Papadiotis, are of the Ivy Asia Mayfair, although in fairness every one of this fast growing chain is as photogenic as this.

Sure to get a favourable mention, if not a top award from someone in the design fraternity.



These restaurants in St Paul’s, Chelsea, Guildford, Leeds, Cardiff, Brighton and Manchester are The Ivy’s Asian spin-off and whilst the food reviews are thus far mixed there can be little doubt that the interiors are a hit, even if they are a little OTT.



The interiors are Asian inspired and full of just about everything one would associate with the Far East: statues, cherry blossom trees, mosaics, big art pieces, brightly coloured fabrics, golden columns, dragons, tigers, and theatre.



Restaurant interior design hasn’t seen anything quite so themed since the likes of Rainforest Café,  Buddha Bar and Planet Hollywood opened in the 1990’s.

And this is not a criticism, those fun establishments are sorely missed and it’s about time big theme was reintroduced.




Ivy Asia restaurants are the perfect place for loud birthday celebrations and group socialising. They’re unique, vibrant, inspired and unforgettable.

And after the past three years of frustration and misery, isn’t it about time we all had a good night out!