March 14, 2024

The Alchemist

Multi-disciplined design agency DesignLSM unveil one of its latest projects with immersive cocktail bar brand, The Alchemist, as an exciting new venue in the City.

Located in the heart of London, the agency set out to create a dynamic drinking and dining destination that would distinguish itself in the Capital’s forever-evolving hospitality scene.



Cosmic alchemy

Building on the success of its 2022 redesign for The Alchemist’s Manchester Spinningfields site, DesignLSM has evolved the brand’s DNA, crafting a compelling design narrative centred around cosmic alchemy, drawing inspiration from humanity’s enduring fascination with our origins and the exploration of the universe.

The design concept takes influence from the local area and its historic roots from the Victorian era – a pivotal period that catalysed scientific breakthrough.

Drawing inspiration from this, the captivating concept for the bar pays homage to ­the significant strides made during this period, with the pioneering discovery of parallax – accurately measuring and mapping out the stars in relation to us, providing a revolutionary understanding that the cosmos is a vast three-dimensional space.

Incorporating this transfixing revelation, the design ingeniously plays with perspective and illusion throughout.



An enchanting entrance tunnel sets the tone for the journey ahead, guiding guests through a celestial portal into a realm where time and space converge.

Illuminated by dramatic lighting, the tunnel beckons with its ethereal glow, inviting patrons to embark on a transcendent voyage through the cosmos.

At the heart of the venue, the illuminated central bar, adorned with a symmetrical arched design lighting feature brings a theatrical feel to the space as it sits against a backdrop of moody hues, vivid bursts of colours and metallic finishes.

The walls are adorned with projection artwork onto mesh and mirror, creating a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, mimicking the vast expanse of space dotted with celestial bodies.

Whilst curated celestial motifs, solar manifestations, and space-inspired lighting deliver subtle nods to astronomical phenomena, intimate seating alcoves, opulent materials and intentional curved forms instil a touch of glamour.



With the final touches being applied to the construction, The Alchemist’s new compelling spot for drinks and dining is poised to establish its presence in London’s competitive scene, boasting inventive cocktails, emerging DJs, and an unbeatable ambiance from dawn to dusk.




The Alchemist Brand Director, Jenny McPhee says ‘We’ve loved working with DesignLSM on refreshing our existing venues across the UK.

DesignLSM have fully grasped our celestial redesign and been incredible collaborators so it was inevitable that we would work together in bringing our vision to life in our London Victoria venue.’