August 20, 2022


The Hilton Five Star Hotel in Madinah, one of Saudi Arabia’s most renowned cities is a new build 350 room luxury hotel with a contemporary restaurant called Levantine.

And as soon as we received the images of this magnificent ceiling we simply had to include it.

The restaurant interior was designed by UK-based hospitality design specialists Suited Interior Design. We asked Shelley Reiner, Director at Suited ID, to talk us through the design.

“Levantine is a contemporary restaurant inspired by traditional patterns, materials and customs of the Levant region.

“The restaurant is designed to be flexible for use in the morning, the day and the evening and multiple zones of seating are used to accommodate this use and provide different ambience for the guest to enjoy in different ways over their many visits to the restaurant.


“The heart of the dining room is the open kitchen which is always on view and is the theatre of the space.

“A bread oven with open fire cooking and a window display for the fire gives the space a warm and cosy glow always, while an open grill rotisserie provides the enticing aromas of the Levant style food throughout the restaurant.

“The Oasis, a central seating area, surrounded by plants and an artisan crafted macrame ceiling serves as a special place to sit in the arena of the restaurant; hand woven by a master weaver the ceiling was meticulously modelled in every detail of its complexity.

“Rich and decorative materials, like brass and mosaic tiles are blended artfully with antique rustic elements; olive oil vessels and oversized potted plants to make the space feel like it has been uncovered; a secret find of history made contemporary.”


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