27th October , 2023

Restaurant & Bar Design Awards 2023


Of all the hospitality design awards (and there are many) the one we look forward to the most is the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards.

Now in its 15th year, the standard of projects that are entered are never short of exceptional.

It’s a great showcase for designers too as even those that don’t win still share the limelight online so no one really misses out.

We run our own sweepstake with bets on who will be the winners in the main categories.

This year, like most years, we were way off the mark but it’s fun to do and gives us a chance to study the designs more closely.

Take a look at the selection below, all category winners.

It’s not the full list, there were more than one thousand entries and you can find them on the RBDA website, but it does include the overall winning entries.

Can you guess who they were?

chanca by COYA (Dubai), designed by First Within


Cicchetti (London) by Fettle Design


Abuelo (Alrai, Kuwait) by Studio Nesef 


B3 (Shenzhen, China) by RooMoo Design Studio 


Baovan (Valencia, Spain) by Clap Studio 


Fuego (Bangkok, Thailand) by VAIR


Hanasuki (Chatswood, Australia) by Eu _ Y Architect


Luma (Adelaide, Australia) by Hachem


Ojo (Bangkok, Thailand) by Ou Baholyodhin


Sushisamba (Doha, Qatar) by ICRAVE


Thirteen (London) by Grapes Design


Tan90° (Shenzhen,China) by AD ARCHITECTURE


Giselle (Miami, USA) by Tristan du Plessis Studio