23rd June , 2022


Insights into the Luxury Hospitality Markets

MILAN, SEPTEMBER 15th, 2022.


 Meeting point with the first event in Italy dedicated to luxury in the hospitality sector – the Luxury Hospitality Conference – will be at NH Collection CityLife in Milan on September 15th, 2022, to share a full day dedicated to the experience, value, knowledge and evolution of the luxury sector.

The event is organized by TEAMWORK Hospitality, which for over 20 years has been contributing to the growth of the entrepreneurial culture for the tourism sector, in collaboration with HOTELMYPASSION.

The economic framework of reference in which the Milan event takes place speaks of 70% of investors strongly interested in the luxury market, despite the turbulences we have to deal with.

The luxury hotel sector has been the main driver of M&A activities until 2019, recording a total of 115 deals globally.

In 2019, 3.3 billion euros were invested in hotel assets in Italy, with a marked preference for the luxury assets, representing 42% of the total, meaning a value of 1.25 billion euros.

The Luxury Hospitality Conference was created with the aim to better understand what lies behind these data and in which directions the sector is evolving.

Never as in recent years has the concept of luxury changed in the wishes, expectations and choices of guests and never as in the last two years has there been the need to analyse the market to highlight its dynamics, identify the needs of the new generations of travellers and study the trends, new sentiments and perspectives of the world of luxury.

From technology to the guest experience, from the web to the quality of service, from marketing to management.

These are the topics that will be presented and discussed throughout the conference day, which will see 45 keynote speakers sharing visions, new interpretations of the luxury concept, case histories, strategies, distinctive factors, segmentation and a psychological approach to the world of luxury in hospitality.

Internationally renowned architects will illustrate their most recent creations and offer food for thought on challenging issues related to the design and use of spaces for Luxury hospitality- Topics related to investments and prospects, trends in luxury food, the performance of luxury in Italy, luxury and daily operations, the new challenges of communicating and selling luxury will be explored as well.

The event is aimed at hotel owners, directors and staff members, tour operators, destination managers, students, journalists and those interested in learning more about the issues on the floor.

The 8 panels scheduled will make a valuable contribution to understanding the market.

The panel “Luxury: The flywheel for the recovery of tourism made in Italy” is linked to the close relevance and context that most directly affects Italy and will open the conference program, following the welcome address by Teamwork President Mauro Santinato.

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