23rd July , 2019

Posted by. Stirling

Can Artificial Intelligence make trade shows more personal?


As the travel industry increasingly looks to technology to enhance experiences from both a consumer and B2B perspective, exciting new developments are bringing opportunities for us to network and connect with each other in smarter, more personal ways than ever before.

Some people are wary of artificial intelligence (AI) because they fear the technology takes the personal touch out of making human, face-to-face connections.

But as a ground-breaking new luxury travel event aims to show, the truth is the complete opposite: AI makes connecting more personal, not less, and helps build strong, human connections between exhibitors and buyers who can really benefit each other’s businesses but may not even know it yet.

TFest is the world’s first AI-powered luxury travel festival, a bold new event concept from Private Luxury Events that waves goodbye to the traditional tradeshow format.

On The Palm, Dubai, in February 2020, it will bring together the most influential buyers and sellers in luxury travel in a vibrant festival that uses technology to create an experience that is both large-scale and personal.
Large trade shows offer delegates a world of possibility.

They get to meet a large number of potential business partners, but will they be the right ones?

This ‘quantity over quality’ approach may produce a lot of meetings but few real business opportunities, and the overall experience is both impersonal and random.

TFest has been created to solve this problem, by using AI to make sure that buyers and suppliers connect with the right people, in the right places, at the right time.

By making these smart connections happen, it allows delegates to save time, work smarter and meet more of the people who really matter.

Richard Barnes, CEO of Private Luxury Events commented: “We launched TFest to make personalised connections happen on a larger scale and in real time, at a single celebratory event where our global luxury travel community can come together.

“We believe AI matchmaking technology will reshape the networking industry and give delegates at our events a better experience, where they have complete control of every interaction and get a better return on their valuable time.

“It’s going to transform B2B networking by helping everyone get the outcomes they want.”

AI matchmaking at trade shows can bring together delegates who may never have come across each other otherwise.

Because they’ve already been matched according to their specific needs and preferences, they’re more likely to make a strong, relevant connection.

The technology takes the guesswork out of connecting and opens the door to opportunities that would otherwise be missed.

Just like the technology used by Netflix or Amazon, TFest’s AI matchmaking app will use machine learning and advanced algorithms to make intelligent initial recommendations that get smarter over time; so the more you use it, the better it gets.

Every time you say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a potential meeting, the technology learns more about your needs and your recommendations improve.

Delegates simply create a personal profile and the AI technology provides a list of potential connections.

The rest is entirely up to the individual. Delegates have complete control over who, when and where they meet.

This free-flowing dimension is something new in B2B trade shows that’s going to shake up the predictable old format and create an experience that’s more personal and more human.

Ultimately, AI technology is good news for the future of B2B and trade networking because it allows very busy people to use their time more efficiently and meet more of the contacts who can really take their business forward.

TFest’s use of AI may be the first of its kind in B2B luxury travel networking events, but it will most likely start a shift in the industry towards more intelligent events, where technology helps create the strong, personal connections that build a more connected industry.

For more information please visit www.travel-fest.com