5th January , 2021

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Longer term government proposals required

Longer term government proposals required

Jane Pendlebury, the CEO of HOSPA, the Hospitality Professionals Association, comments on the government’s third lockdown announcement and renewed financial support for business.

“Any support for the hospitality industry is obviously welcome, and we have benefitted from supportive measures time and again throughout the crisis so far – something that we’re extremely grateful for.

“However, whilst pleased to see further support outlined by the Chancellor, it does gloss over the sheer desperation and despair engulfing so many across the industry.

“This is a short-term resolution to a problem that simply shows no sign of going away – no matter how positive we remain about the roll-out of the vaccine.

“We know it’s hugely costly having to bail out hospitality businesses, but the alternative – a derelict and effectively dismantled industry is far worse.

“As a sector, we’re one of the largest employers in the UK, and leaving us to flounder and fail simply doesn’t bear thinking about.

“Despite our gratitude then, what we would like to see is a move towards long-term plans.

“We hoped the first lockdown would prove effective and we could move on and rebuild.

“We hoped the second lockdown would prove effective and we could move on and rebuild.

“Now, we’re into the third national lockdown and seem no further forward.

“We’re clinging on to the life raft at present, but industry operators would benefit significantly from a more far-reaching vision that sets out long-term measures.

“The end of the business rates holiday and the reduction in VAT for hospitality is fast approaching, especially so if the lockdown lasts until March as feared.

“So, we would welcome moves from the Chancellor that set out a more wide-ranging set of proposals to keep hospitality going.

“Kate Nicholls of UK Hospitality has called for the budget to be brought forward – and this is something we certainly agree with at HOSPA.

“We know the landscape of the pandemic is ever-changing but any foresight we can glean could prove the difference between planning to reopen and simply giving up and closing for good.”