Terms and Conditions


Payment is required before delivery, in the form of debit or credit card, cleared cheque or Banker’s draft. GS Magazine is not subject to VAT.


Copies of GS Magazine will be delivered to the buyer at the buyer’s place of business or as otherwise requested. The costs of postage and packaging are included in stated prices. Delivery is made via first class post, unless the buyer requests (in writing) despatch via another service or carrier in which case the buyer agrees to pay any and all costs incurred in delivery. Before despatch copies of GS Magazine are inspected to ensure they are in excellent condition. Single copies of GS Magazine are despatched in sealed envelopes, multiple copies are securely packaged and boxed in bubble bags. Stevenson Publications Limited cannot be held responsible for any damage (however minor) that may occur to goods ordered by the buyer during transit although we may, in certain circumstances and at our sole discretion, replace damaged copies.


Stevenson Publications Limited does not offer a return and refund service. By ordering a copy (or copies) of GS Magazine, the buyer accepts this entirely and agrees not to attempt to claim a refund for any reason whatsoever.


Buyers shall be deemed to accept the above Conditions as a part of the Contract of Sale by placing an order with Stevenson Publications Limited. None of the above Terms and Conditions shall be deemed to be waived or modified unless expressly agreed by Stevenson Publications Limited in writing.